B.E.S.T. Marine LLC

Marine Service and Repair

B.E.S.T. Marine Services

Labor Services and Rates

Electrical - $80.00 per hour

Mechanical - $80.00 per hour

Fiberglass Repair - $80.00 per hour

Bottom Painting

Previously painted bottom

   $10.00 per foot for the first coat

   $2.00 per foot per additional coat

New bare bottom

   Call for price.

Paint is not included in price.


Call for pricing


$100.00 per hour

Quick scrub or pressure wash - $75.00

Shrink Wrapping

20' and under - $9.00 per foot

20' - 30' - $14.00 per foot

30' and longer - $16.00 per foot

These are approximate prices, and will increase with the addition of vents, doors, and unusual structures on the boat.

The Boatyard at Christchurch Services


Boatel Rates

23' and less - $140.00 per month

24' and up - $6.00 per foot (24'= $144.00 per month, 25'= $150.00 per month, etc...)

Width greater than 9.5' is an additional $20.00 per month

There is a 10% discount for pre-paid six month and yearly contracts.

Maximum over-all length for the boatel is 34'

We offer free storage of your trailer

Boatel customers get one splash per day and we flush your engine/outboard upon taking your boat out of the water.

Open Stack Storage

23' and less - $125.00 per month

24' and up - Every additional foot of length is and additional $5.00 per month (e.g. 24'= $130.00 per month, 25'= $135.00 per month, and so on...)

Open stack storage is outside dry storage with one splash a day.

Blocked Storage

30' and less - $90.00 per month

30' and up - $110 per month

Trailered Storage

$50.00 per month

Store your boat here on its trailer and get unlimited access to our boat ramp.

Hauling, Washing, and Blocking


29' and less - $3.00 per foot

30' to 39" - $4.00 per foot

40'+ - $5.00 per foot

$50.00 per additional strap or spreader bar that is required

Power washing

$1.50 per foot


$2.00 per foot

Miscellaneous Services

Waste Pump-out: $10.00

Boat Ramp Fee: $10.00

Winter Boatel Storage: Call for availability and pricing

Storm Storage: Boatel or blocked: Call for availability and pricing